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Access To World Class Workshops

Full scale engineering facilities allowing you to prototype and do limited scale production. Top of the range machinery and equipment for a huge number of manufacturing processes. Dedicated workshop spaces for different disciplines. Out of hours and weekend access.

Machinery & Equipment

CAD facilities, CAM-CAD lathes, MIG, TIG and ARC welding equipment, large CNC router, computer controlled lathes and saw tables, laser cutters, perspex oven and vacuum-forming machines, 3D printers, traditional jewellery benches, laser welder, rapid prototype machine and rotary polisher, ceramics and glass kilns, ceramics printing and body casting facilities, and traditional potters wheels, printing tables, etching presses.


Trained machine operators available to assist with the use of specialist equipment.

Skills Workshops

& Certificated Qualifications

A range of short skills based courses to assist with the development of your current project. Complemented by Post Graduate Certificated Qualifications for individuals looking to turn their practical expertise into a career path.

Short Skills Based Courses


• Design for Prototyping (starting in the right way)

• Design for Digital Reproduction

• Digital Manufacture

• Design to Manufacture Introduction

• 3D Scanning

• Ceramic Moulds for Batch Production

• Product Photography

• Product Styling

• Product and Film

• Constructed Textiles

• Surface Pattern in Textile

• Enterprise Development/Sole Trader

• Enterprise Practice

• Enterprise Structure


Access to investment from leading investors in tech / hardware / innovation.

Regular training and mentorship sessions to prepare your business for raising investment.

Seed stage and follow on investment.

Creative Individuals

You may have picked a title for yourself as “artist, crafter, maker, designer, inventor or engineer”, or something else all together. We don’t really mind. The facilities available are structured to be cost effective and easily accessible to support individuals with a wide range of capability levels.

Small Design Studios

Does your next project involve a new manufacturing process that you’d like to get to know before you try it with your manufacturing partner? This is the place to come and experiment with new materials and process in a cost effective way so that you get it right the first time.

Hardware Startups

Does ‘Software Wrapped in Plastic’ mean something to you? If so, you’ll know that getting your pricing and gross margin right requires a lot more than just a good first prototype. We’re bringing together the whole value chain so that you can move faster and keep your burn rate low.

Corporate Innovation

Sometimes moving a project out of the office is the only way to get it done. Our world class facilities allow you to start small and show quick results, so you can ‘get stuff done’ without waiting for budgets to be approved on a big project. Thereafter you can scale the resources you require.

Simple Affordable Pricing

Modular access options mean you only pay for the resources you need to develop your project.

Hi there,

If you’re in the process of creating a new product, you’ve got a lot to manage. It isn’t easy. We know what you’re up against. We have built Breakthemold to lend a hand.

We have been in planning with Middlesex University for nearly two years to build the Workshop Access Project because we all need what you need: one place where you can access a full set of resources to start and grow your own product based business. The ability to cost effectively access engineering machinery with support from trained operators. A way to access to specialist industry knowledge and prototyping skills. Introductions to leading investors to accelerate your plans.

We knew the services had to allow individuals to build their own projects (and businesses). And everyone needed to be able to access services in a way that helped them build a current project. Not just showcase work to hopefully get a job later on.

We looked at everything, and nothing else did the job. So we created something new. That something was Breakthemold. And for 2016, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Middlesex University which now brings together the ‘full stack’ of resources for product development.

This announcement is just a beginning, and we have a lot of improvements and additional resources in the pipeline to keep making it easier for people to launch new products successfully.

We’d love for you to give Breakthemold, and the Workshop Access facilities at Middlesex University a try, and to hear your feedback. We’re launching in stages so please do register to reserve your place in the queue for access. If you have any questions, or there’s anything we can do to help progress your project, please get in touch.



Grant Cleveland

Director, Breakthemold

© 2016 Breakthemold

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